Friday, May 4, 2012

Little Pockets of Time

I have on my hands one of life's most delightful gifts -- the gift of unexpected free time. It's just after quittin' time on Friday, most of my brood went swimming with Hub, baby Smurf and I are at home. After daycare, Smurf had fallen fast asleep in the living room and did not object to being moved to the pack'n'play we have in there. Dinner is in the oven. I have about 20 min of time before I need to tend to it again, at which point  Smurf should also wake up so as not to sleep too late and the big boys are about to come back from their activity. So 20 min of unexpected me time. It's kind of a perfect amount of time really -- I always have work to do, but it's too short to really focus on something technically challenging, or even to really dive into serious writing (like a proposal that I am working on now). But it's enough to catch up on email or edit a student's conference abstract (or two).

Yes, these little pockets of time are wonderful opportunities to catch up on small work items (I know Cloud wrote about this but I can't find the link now) or just take care of a few small errands (e.g. I need to email the list of dates to the mowing company that takes care of our lawn when we are out of town, also check the menus for the committee dinner and banquet at the conference I am organizing). Or, as I am doing now, throw together a quick blog post!

I think these little bits of freedom bring me more joy than larger amounts of scheduled time for certain activities, simply because they are unexpected. I think it's similar to hearing a favorite song on the radio; I have no idea when it will happen, so when it does it really cheers me up. But once I get the CD or download the song and can listen to it whenever I want, some of the appeal is actually gone and I don't listen to it much...

And, speaking of favorite songs, here's an old one I love love love
(btw they apparently have a brand new album, coming out on May 15)

And the timer's beeping...


Garbage fan said...

My favourite band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm seeing them in Toronto near the end of May.

GMP said...

I'm so envious!!! You must have fun for the "geographically challenged" among us!

Cherish said...

Love Garbage! :-)

When I have pockets of free time, I usually run for my violin and try to squeak out a tune.

Garbage fan said...

I figure you are on the north west coast because that is where they didn't have a scheduled tour back in May.

Check it out now: