Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Smurfy Nugget

Smurf the Smurfily Baby is 8 months old. He sits on his own, can pull himself up to sit, has been rolling over every which way since about 6.5 months, crawls army-style like a champ and very, very fast, and has started to crawl with his tummy off he floor on occasion. He eats three non-milk meals a day and greatly prefers vegetables (!) over fruits or meat. He has developed separation anxiety, it seems, as he won't let me put him down  or -- god forbid -- leave his sight; he now cries when I leave him at daycare, which never happened before.

He's a people person, loves it when we imitate him -- cooing and babbling back and forth with him.

He is so kissable and squishable and cuddlable and snugglable..! I exist exclusively with the consistency of mush around him. Sooo darn cute!

As Smurf keeps getting bigger, my comfort about posting his pictures appears to be shrinking. So this adorable cheek will probably be the last baby pic in the foreseeable future.

P.S. I stumbled across this hilarious post on why babies really keep you up all night.


inBetween said...

And what a super cute cheek that is... irresistible even from this far away on the other side of the internet.

that sleep training post is hilarious! M definitely read that one and took every word to heart.

Alyssa said...

Awww!! What a cutie :)

Evan did the army crawling thing too for a long time!

Ink said...

Soooooo lovely! He's adorable.

Cherish said...

It's probably good that the cheek is on the internet because if it was near me, I would just have to pinch it and coo over the baby.

What a cutie! :-)

Dr. Sneetch said...

Adorable cheek. So cute and pinchable.

Cloud said...

Awww. Baby cheeks are so cute.

That post truly was hilarious.