Thursday, January 5, 2012


Cloud of Wandering Scientist nominated me for the  Versatile Blogger Award in her recent meme post -- thanks, Cloud!

Here are the rules I'm supposed to follow:

1) Nominate 15 fellow bloggers
2) Inform the Bloggers of their nomination
3) Share 7 random things about yourself
4) Thank the blogger who nominated you
5) Post the award badge.

I feel a bit silly posting the badge, but here goes: 

A number of bloggers I would consider versatile have already been tagged -- Clarissa, Cloud, feMOMhist, Alyssa, Grumpies...  

Here are some  people who I think are great and versatile bloggers but who may not yet common fixtures on people's blogrolls. 


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you (in the order in which they popped into my mind) the following Awesomely Versatile Bloggers

Thoreau of Unqualified Offerings  -- politics, academia, pop culture. Always fun. 

Massimo of Exponential Book -- physics, academia, gadgets, Canadian politics. Clairvoyant

Cath of VWXYNot -- someone said she's one the silliest science bloggers. Truer words have rarely been spoken. She covers a wide variety of topics and is always funny.

Hermitage -- a STEM student, a gamer, fluent in German and lolcatz. Awesomesauce.  

Namnezia of Take It to the Bridge -- academia, cooking, astronomy, kids, taxidermy

Bee of Backreaction -- Bee writes really well about physics and physicists, science in general, philosophy, books... Also adorable twin baby pics. 

Dr Sneetch -- a math prof, a snarky academic, a mom. Lots of cool photographs. 

The Barefoot Doctoral -- a STEM postdoc, solving a 2+epsilon body problem. Also writes poetry. Nuff said. 

Female Computer Scientist -- a new prof, but a CS industry veteran, FCS writes about feminism, CS in general (e.g. internet security) and lots of geek-friendly whimsy. 

Cherish the Scientist -- academia, science, engineering, mommyhood. Cherish also writes for Engineering Blogs. 

Now for the random things about me...

1) I love, love, loooove driving. I only learned how to drive after I had come to the US, at the age of 26. Driving alone on the open road is one of my greatest pleasures. 

2) Way back when, as a high school senior, I represented my home country at the International Physics Olympiad. I was the first girl (from my country) to ever do so. 

3) I am 6' tall. I am also the runt of the family -- my baby sister is 6' 3". 

4) When I was young I used to play volleyball. I was pretty good. My position was the middle blocker. 

5) I also used to be a heavy smoker -- I spent my late teens and a better portion of my 20's (essentially the entire 1990's) going through 2 packs a day. Go ahead, judge -- but be aware that I come from a culture where smoking is not particularly frowned upon. Ironically, some of my heavy smoking years overlapped with my active volleyball playing years. I quit when I got pregnant with Baby #1, in 1999. Started again amidst much stress and turmoil in 2003. Stopped for good in late 2004. 

6) I like to drink socially, but I have never been drunk. The idea of losing control and not knowing what I am doing scares me to death. 

7) I don't like chips. I hate, hate Doritos because of how they smell. Unfortunately, everyone else in my family loves Doritos. "Gross mom out by blowing in her face with Dorito breath" is a popular game with my older kids.


Thoreau said...

It is an honor just to be nominated. I'd like to thank the Academy...

Barefoot Doctoral said...

I agree with Thoreau. But this thing explodes really FAST! 15^4 > 50,000

15^9 has more than enough room for every human being on earth to have 5 of their blogs nominated (whether they blog or not).

Cloud said...

I like your random facts! Except that now I'm craving Doritos....

inBetween said...

love learning these cool tidbits about you!

Cherish said...

Thanks for the nomination! Now I need to see if I have 15 blogs I can nominate that haven't already been nominated. Hmmmm....

Dr. Sneetch said...

Thanks GMP. I'm encouraged to be a more regular blogger now.

Dr. Sneetch said...

Wow, International Physics Olympiad. That's great!

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Oh my goodness, I am soooo embarrassed that I didn't see this post until today! Christmas plus work-related travel plus grant deadlines have put me ridiculously behind on my blog reading. Thank you so much, and I'm very sorry for being such a delinquent blog reader!

Now I have to go and see if any of my fave bloggers remain untagged!

Thanks again :D